Sriracha Tiger Zoo

first started on August 12,1994. The zoo specializes in breeding tiger, crocodile and many other animals that are of interested to many tourists.

The management team of Sriracha Tiger Zoo realized the necessity to expand and develop the zoo in every aspect and modernize it to be compatible with international zoos. Its objectives are to educate society,

entertain visitors, especially youth to learn to conserve natural resources and join in many activities.

In addition, it also emphasizes human resource quality  and having service  mind.
Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the place, which matches with the outstanding points of  other zoos all the world.
On April 23,1997  a new zoo was set up at Highway no 7 between 95-96 km. , Nongkham sub-district, Sriracha District,

Chonburi Province  with an area of  100 acres. There are tigers,  crocodiles, elephants, camels, spotted deers, donkeys, rabbits and other animals at the present zoo.

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Open Daily  08.00 a.m. – 06.00 p.m